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The School Improvement Plan for Literacy

The literacy core team developed the school’s Literacy Improvement Plan in response to the ‘National Strategy to Improve Literacy and Numeracy among Children and Young People’. Our plan developed from our shared belief that if we were serious about addressing the literacy and learning needs of our students then we must have a plan to guide schoolwide literacy improvement.

We believe that a schoolwide literacy action plan is an essential blueprint for improving student achievement. We wanted our plan to guide action so therefore it was important to the team that the plan was easy to use and focused on improving student achievement. We felt that to generate change, we must actively use a literacy action plan to guide decision making around instruction, programming, and resource allocation.

It is important to us that our plan is measurable, coherent, concrete, and comprehensible. We wanted it be seen as proactive, not as compliance to a mandate, even if a mandate is what prompted the plan's development! An effective plan is not static, and here in St Marys we know that developing our plan was just the first step, next we had to implement it and monitor it. The whole purpose of this cycle of assessing where we are by looking at student base line data, setting targets for improvement, monitoring and evaluating the strategies used and their outcomes is to support literacy development. Our shared goal is improve our student’s literacy.

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St Mary’s Ballina, Style Guide

The organisation of post-primary schools presents particular challenges in ensuring a cross curricular approach to literacy. At St Marys we know that teachers of all subjects can no longer be bystanders when it comes to promoting literacy. High standards of literacy are now no longer the domain merely of the English department, rather this is demanded across the entire school. In consultation with staff the literacy core team decided that a drive throughout the school for all teachers would be: demanding higher quality spelling, punctuation and grammar from all pupils, regardless of the subject, to improve the quality of written literacy. We compiled a style guide to ensure consistency, both in terms of teaching and assessment, across all subject departments. The style guide will be included in the student’s journal as a reference guide for them in written tasks.

Literacy development is a whole-school priority in St Mary’s school development plan. In this way, all teachers, regardless of the subject they teach, help pupils improve their written literacy skills by creating opportunities to promote the correct use of agreed punctuation and sharing this guide with the students.

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